Regardless of your age or athletic ability, martial arts classes can offer many ways to improve your health and your life. Adults and children alike can benefit from the physical and mental aspects of martial arts. So why should you take a martial arts class? Here are some ways it could enhance your life:

1. Improves heart health
Our heart is a muscle that needs to be exercised like any other muscle. Martial arts classes are similar to interval-style training, which has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise. Short, intense bursts of energy followed by lower intensity movements help strengthen our hearts and improve cardiovascular health.

2. Teaches self discipline
For children and teens, martial arts classes teach the necessity of self-discipline. The structured environments require the students to listen, focus and practice in order to improve. Martial arts teaches students to be accountable to themselves and to their instructors.

3. Improves focus and listening skills
Martial arts classes require the students to engage and focus on the instructions being given to them. The students must follow commands and pay close attention to detail. These vital skills are useful in school and work environments alike.

4. Develops flexibility
Martial arts teaches students how to use their entire bodies to defend themselves. This allows your body to be stretched to new limits during your classes. With each class, you will find yourself more flexible than the class before.

5. Promotes self-confidence
Adults, teens and children can all benefit from a confidence boost. Martial arts classes offer the opportunity to learn a new skill and give a sense of accomplishment to students as they advance.

6. Teaches self-defense
While martial arts classes do not promote violent behavior, they offer the students valuable skills to help them protect themselves and their loved ones, should the need arise.

7. Provides a supportive environment for growth
Martial arts classes allow students a place to make mistakes and grow without judgement. They are encouraged to work in groups and unique friendships are formed as students are challenged together.

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