Are you looking for the perfect after-school activity for your little one? Karate could be the right choice! Karate features many benefits for children and teaches them skills that they can carry into their adult lives.

Here are some benefits we have seen in children that join our classes:

Self- Confidence

Martial arts teaches children self-defense through a series of physical trials and exercises. This sport requires a great deal of patience and repetition, and every student’s success is earned. As our students master new skills, we often see a sense of pride blossom in them. These children are able to experience true achievement through overcoming what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle.


We understand that focus does not come naturally to every child, and that is why we put an emphasis on teaching focus at our dojo. Karate is no easy feat, and upon signing up for class students soon learn that they must pay attention to be successful. Students have to focus on what they are doing, as well as what their instructor is trying to convey—and we make focusing easy by engaging in fun activities and games! Because we have laid this essential groundwork early, many parents find that their children are able to pay attention and participate in school activities more effectively than before.


Understanding the importance of respect is a foundational life skill. At our dojo we signify the value of respect in many ways and strive to lead by example. We find that if we treat students with respect and kindness, they will understand that we expect the same in return. Students are taught to show respect to others by paying attention in class and to respond in the correct manner to instructors and students alike.

The principles of confidence, focus, and respect can help your child navigate through unexpected peaks and valleys as they grow and mature. What you teach your children now matters, and the instructors and team at our Bushido School of Karate will be there to guide your child every step of the way.