With the recent worldwide crisis keeping everyone at home, we’ve all had to adjust our routines and come up with new ways to keep up with our jobs, hobbies, and activities. At Bill Taylor’s Bushido School of Karate, we’ve had to adapt quickly to keep our students active and learning. One of the ways in which we’ve attempted to accomplish that is through our Facebook Live Streaming Classes! Our instructors are working hard to keep your classes going online each day, so be sure to jump on to complete your classes and get credit for your attendance.

We’ve also rounded up some tips to help you hone your martial arts skills at home while we can’t meet together in the studio:

1. Write down your goals.

During this pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to spend our extra time working hard to meet goals that we normally wouldn’t have time to accomplish. What goals do you have for yourself? Write them down and be sure to make them specific, time-bound, and practical. Then create a list of steps you need to take to accomplish these goals. Start with daily tasks, then work your way up through weekly and monthly tasks. Post your goals somewhere where you can see them each day, like on your bathroom mirror.

2. Stick to a training regimen.

While we’re at home, it can be difficult to stick to a routine, but it’s important to have a schedule when it comes to your martial arts training. Try to complete your classes at the same time each day. One way to do this is to jump on our live streams to train with other students virtually. That way, you can complete your classes as you normally would in the studio. Keeping a strict regimen will keep you from slacking off or missing classes. Make sure everyone in your home knows when your karate classes are, and involve your family members if you can! This accountability will help you stick to your goals and achieve them!

3. Make it fun.

At Bill Taylor’s Bushido School of Karate, we love to combine discipline with fun! The same should be true at home. Maybe create a rewards system that allows you to watch a tv show that you like or eat a fun snack after you finish your karate practice for the day. Or create games or obstacle courses to practice agility and stamina on your off days. Get creative and let us know the activities you come up with!

We know this time can be confusing and difficult, but we’re here to help you keep up your martial arts skills and make the most of the next few weeks! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!