WADU RYU – A Fighter’s Perspective




“Wado Ryu— A Fighter’s Prospective” is a must read for the serious student of Wado Ryu Karate. This book spans the development, practice and application of Wado Ryu from the perspective of a practitioner with 37+ years of training and 8+ years experience of applying wade Ryu in combat. The Wado community has needed a book like this for decades and it is finally here! Even though Wado Ryu is one of the most popular styles of karate in the world, there are only a few quality books on the subject. “Wado Ryu: A Fighter’s Perspective” is one of the best! As one of the top rated kick-boxers in the world, Mr. Taylor has actually applied Wado Ryu Karate in the ring. The insights that he has gained and shares through this book are invaluable to the serious student Wado Ryu.”


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