Bill Taylor’s Bushido School of Karate now Offering
Greatness Factory for Kids by Michael Burt

At Bill Taylor’s Bushido School of Karate, we are committed to training up well-rounded children to face the challenges of the world. That’s why we are partnering with Michael Burt and the Greatness Factory for Kids to teach our students how to deal meaningfully with issues that arise in their day-to-day interactions. The Greatness Factory for Kids teaches children of all ages how to overcome rejection, interact in social situations, find their talent, solve complex problems, open a conversation, sell themselves, build networks, close sales, speak in front of an audience and so much more!

As a championship high school basketball coach, Michael Burt, founder of Greatness Factory for Kids spent nearly a decade engineering winners “from the inside out.” Burt later became a successful performance coach for businesses, organizations and executives around the world. Even with his success as an author and motivational speaker, Burt’s conscience kept reminding him of his strong desire to impact the lives of young people. This is how the Greatness Factory for Kids was born.

We believe the partnership with Michael Burt and his successful program will help our students become great inside and outside of the dojo. The interactive lessons will help parents and students begin conversations about emotional intelligence and learn important concepts that are not taught in schools. The lessons focus on resilience, confidence, and building, maintaining and protecting their greatest assets to propel themselves into a successful future.

We believe that by learning these valuable lessons early on in life, our students will be able to tackle anything that is thrown their way later on down the road. For more information about this program, watch this video or email Bill Taylor at You can also contact him at either one of the two Bill Taylor Bushido School of Karate locations in Murfreesboro. We can’t wait to see the impact this program will have on our students and their futures.